Sheepskin coats

Shearling… Warmth, comfort and durability.

No other fibre has succeeded in replacing the natural wool of merino shearling. Recognized for its exceptional thermal properties, merino wool is already widely used in the winter sports clothing industry.

The hollow wool fiber sucks up moisture and keeps the body dry and protected from the cold.
The shearling coats fashioned by Mon pays c'est l'hiver are an ingenious combination of different varieties of shearling chosen for the density of their fleece and the ruggedness of their leather, for the parts of the coat that call for these qualities, or for their suppleness, their silky finish and their lightness.

We work hand in hand with our partner boutiques

We work hand in hand with our partner boutiques You visit one of these boutiques. You try on a Mon pays c’est l’hiver coat that catches your fancy and which is about your size. You choose the shearling and the colour that suit you. With the help of a template supplied to him, our partner takes the appropriate measurements in order to tailor your coat according to your specifications…almost tailor made! (photo credit Nault Va Style)